KTC Coconut Oil – Hydrogenated or Healthy? Vegan Heath investigates


KTC coconut oil is very cheap, especially when compared to Biona or Essential virgin coconut oil. In Balsall Heath it’s widely available in Asian convenience stores and would be a great affordable alternative. There is the hydrogenated issue though. If KTC coconut oil is hydrogenated I ain’t touching the stuff. In a comment on a … Read more

Vegan Diet and Cancer

Vegan Diet and Cancer

Cancer is a nasty, shocking word with awful connotations right across the whole world. A recent article on Huffington Post reports on the vegan diet and cancer incidence. Basically, this is much lower amongst vegans compared to vegetarians and meat-eaters. This is not surprising given the propensity for alternative cancer therapies to propose vegan or near vegan diets … Read more

Pure Coconut Oil, Cholesterol And Heart Disease

pure coconut oil

Pure coconut oil – heart healthy or heart harmful? In a recent blog post the amazing Rich Roll wrote about the potential for coconut oil to clog the arteries because as a saturated fat it raises LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. He includes a video in the post from the also wonderful Dr. Michael Greger of NutritionFacts which reviews some primary research on … Read more

Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw And Organic

Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw And Organic

In a very recent post I waffled on about coconut oil after I’d read a post from the wonderful Rich Roll warning us to only consume coconut oil sparingly. However, is this advice relevant if you consume virgin coconut oil? As a fan of organic, raw, virgin coconut oil – rather than a nasty hydrogenated version –  I was alarmed to … Read more

The Vegan Breakfast Local, Raw And Celebrity

vegan breakfast

The burning question of vegan breakfasts has been answered in the Huffington Post, phew. We did some investigation about the breakfasts of five celebrity vegans and came up with the following information. But I wanted to see how they compared with non-celebrity vegan breakfasts. Huffington Post celebrity vegan breakfasts Actress Lea Michelle – soya milk oatmeal … Read more