Vegan Diet and Cancer

Cancer is a nasty, shocking word with awful connotations right across the whole world. A recent article on Huffington Post reports on the vegan diet and cancer incidence. Basically, this is much lower amongst vegans compared to vegetarians and meat-eaters.

This is not surprising given the propensity for alternative cancer therapies to propose vegan or near vegan diets as part of the therapy. An example is Gerson Therapy, which has been around since before the Second World War and claims very high success rates for curing late stage cancer.

Vegan diet and cancer cures… quack quack

Often, ‘quack’ exposers like to shout about how Gerson and other ‘cures’ have no valid evidence supporting the claims of cures. One reason helping to explain this is that these therapies require a number of lifestyle changes rather than one.

It’s easy to compare the effects of a drug against a false drug to control for placebo. It is less easy to control for placebo when a large number of lifestyle changes within a holistic approach to a cancer cure.

Another reason why evidence is difficult to come by is that large Pharmaceutical companies sponsor so much of the research and go out of their way to rubbish ‘cures’ that involve substances that are not patentable. If eating vegetables helps prevent or even cure cancer they would struggle to make a profit from it.

This is why they look at vegetable extracts and try to synthesize them. They can then patent a man-made version. For example, there has been some interest in lycopene, the red pigment of tomatoes. This substance has been indicated to protect against several forms of cancer.

One of the issues with this ‘magic bullet’ approach is that often phyto-nutrients on their own often have a lesser effect than in combination with one or more others. This symboitic action seems to be important and in the case of lycopene a patented natural version is available, lycopene in combination with other antioxidants.

What interests me is so many alternative cures for cancer rely on veggies in some form while cutting out meat. There are many vegan or near vegan therapies.

Often these are rather extreme and lean towards your raw food vegan diet rather than your cup cake vegan diet!

Vegan diet and cancer protection in the scientific literature

The Huffington Post report mentions a series of studies comparing the blood of vegans and others placed on vegan diets on cancer cells in petri dishes.

These studies showed that ‘vegan blood’ was many times more inhospitable to cancer cells than the blood of those eating the regular American diet. The researchers indicated that this ‘vegan blood’ slowed down cancer cell growth as well as killing cancer cells at a significantly higher rate than regular American blood!

The very interesting point was that subjects were placed on vegan diets for just 14 days prior to testing! This is a big deal and provides indirect evidence for the efficacy of the vegan diet based cancer cures I mentioned earlier. Below is a short video outlining these incredible findings.

Juicing vegetables for cancer protection

The vegan diet alternative therapies for cancer differ in the detail of their methods. However, they tend to include the ingestion of lots of raw, organic vegetables. Often this is done through vegetable juice. I’m a recent convert to juicing vegetables which is fantastic.

Juicing helps get lots of nutrition into the body, quickly. Loads of green veg rammed with antioxidants and enzymes help keep you healthy. If you want to assist your body to fight off infection and disease then juicing is a great way to do it.

Try it, you’ll love it! You can always juice fruit too which is a little easier going, certainly to start with, my melon lemonade is a great healthy fruit juice!

Masticating juicers turn slowly and cold press vegetables so none of the enzymes are destroyed by heat. The centrifugal juicers spin very fast and produce heat which harms the nutrient profile of the juice produced.

Also the yield from these juicers is higher because there is a two stage process to removing the juice. And they are easier to clean. If you’re serious about juicing choose one of these.

Juicing can be used as part of a vegan diet and cancer protection lifestyle.

The comments in the Huffinton article descend into an argument about meat-eating NOT being linked to heart disease etc. However, that’s missing the point, vegan diet and cancer protection go hand in hand. I’ve not come across any alternative therapies for cancer that suggest upping your meat consumption, organic or otherwise.

While all of this is hardly proof that eating meat causes cancer there is certainly evidence that a vegan diet protects against cancer available.

Alternative cancer therapies

I became aware that there were alternative approaches to curing cancer than the standard medical approach of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery after watching Cancer – The Forbidden Cures, which I’ll include below.

This will make your mouth drop open, it really exposes the truly awful side of capitalism, profit above all else. I retained interest when a Private Health care representative mentioned that most doctors would “go the alternative route” because of how damaging the regular treatments are! I’ve since read stuff similar to this elsewhere and often.

I recently read ‘A living miracle‘ by Pat Reeves which pulls everything together very nicely. This truly remarkable lady, rejecting orthodoxy has used natural methods to  cure herself and others of cancer whilst also becoming World powerlifting champion in her age category.

I’ve seen her at Vegan Fairs previously but only in terms of her powerlifting rather than cancer survival. She mentions that there are over a hundred alternative cancer cures! It’a a crime that so little attention is given to these. They should at least be investigated thoroughly. I’m not sure that they are given a fair crack of the whip! Quack, quack!

I’m sure there are plenty of hippy nonsense cures. BUT the more I look at this the more convinced I become that if I were to get cancer I’d go down the alternative route. I would certainly exhaust that before going orthodox. However, given the strong links between vegan diet and cancer protection I’m hoping it’s a choice I won’t have to make.

It seems that juicing, vegan diet and cancer protection are all part of an integrated preventative approach to healthy cancer-free living. That’s certainly something I’m very interested in.

Cancer – the Forbidden Cures

Anyway, sit back and watch the video below and prepare for your jaw to drop open…

Powerful, powerful stuff. This film is what really got me started looking at alternative therapies for cancer. The Pat Reeves book I read is very good and helps make sense of it all.

Preventing cancer with a vegan diet

While alternative methods for curing cancer often involve some extreme efforts prevention would appear to be a natural outcome of being vegan. Or at least your risk of contracting cancer is greatly reduced.

This is great but you can take further preventative measures by cutting out the crap. Eat good food, create a great internal environment for your body to heal itself! That just has to be the way, in my opinion. And adopting a vegan diet is a great big step in that direction!

But ensure that it’s the adoption of a clean vegan diet and cancer shouldn’t bother you!

And just in case you’ve not watched enough video here’s Dr Hyman (??) telling you what to do..

Alternative Cancer Treatments and Vegan diet

The vegan diet and cancer treatments from the alternative camps are controversial. It’s not much more than an observation really. If you are diagnosed with cancer it’s a big call to refuse standard treatments of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

Medical opinion is strongly in favour of the poison, burn and slash approach.

Going against medical opinion is huge and the plant based, vegan diet therapies are much stricter than simply eating beans on toast and vegan cupcakes! It never was going to be as easy as that, was it? However, there is some decent evidence supporting the veracity of these methods.

Don’t believe all the quack propaganda! Further, in terms of prevention the vegan diet and vegans have been shown to be resistant to cancer, certainly relative to standard and vegetarian diets.

Even simply cutting meat consumption down to a minimum and adding lots of good guys, as Dr Hyman says, will help. Meat Free Mondays is a start!

So there you have it, vegan diet and cancer, prevention and cure, potentially at least! What do you think?

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