The Vegan Breakfast Local, Raw And Celebrity

The burning question of vegan breakfasts has been answered in the Huffington Post, phew. We did some investigation about the breakfasts of five celebrity vegans and came up with the following information.

But I wanted to see how they compared with non-celebrity vegan breakfasts.

Huffington Post celebrity vegan breakfasts

  1. Actress Lea Michelle – soya milk oatmeal or tofu scramble with salsa and avocado
  2. Ex-President Bill Clinton has a smoothie for breakfast – almond milk, fresh berries, dairy-free protein powder and ice.
  3. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres apparently goes for  banana and oatmeal pancakes and has a whole section of her website dedicated to recipes.
  4. Alicia Silverstone likes her own recipe of Millet and Sweet Vegetable Porridge, which is certainly the most interesting so far…
  5. And finally country singer Carrie Underwood has tofu scramble with onions, peppers and spinach and salsa.

Great! All-American vegan breakfasts, yee-ha! I’m quite pleased that I know 3 out of 5 of those vegan celebrities.

Well I’ve heard of them rather than know them personally. And to be honest there are a couple of interesting ideas there for a good hearty breakfast.

Even Clinton’s smoothie would do the job nicely if you’re in a rush – I’d leave out the ice though.

Vegan breakfast in the Heath…

So in response I thought I’d petition some less famous vegans to see what they have for breakfast.

This post will outline the results. But first here’s my contribution.

The Vegan Heath breakfast is generally the same come summer or winter – porridge.

I love the stuff but I have it without any milk at all. Instead I add a big dollop of coconut oil – raw, virgin and organic if at all possible.

Then I’ll add some fruit, berries and a banana works well.

Although apples and pears are good too. Then to finish it off I’ll add suprefood, at the moment Boabab goes in with chia seeds and a ground seed mix.

I’ll add some nuts sometimes and always some cinamon. As you can see there’s some scope for variety there so it never gets boring. Ta da!

What do the celebrity Moseley vegans have for breakfast?

SO here’s the vegan breakfast choices of the Moseley Vegans.

  1. Rob Tilling – I usually have muesli and toast with a LOT of fruit. Any fruit will do but recently there have been plenty of frozen bananas as well as fresh RED things – grapes, strawberries and cherries. I do vary it quite a lot and sometimes have porridge or even rice with yoghurt and date syrup flavoured with allspice! On my toast I very often have rape oil and Vitam-R.
  2. Rob Jackson – Dorset Cereals muesli and oat milk
  3. Saucy Ladee – Drinking chocolate made with raw chocolate. With Bulla cake ( Carib bread made with ginger root and spices) Corn meal porridge made with grated coconut and fresh coconut milk . Fried plantain, Ackee, escovitch (tomato and onion cooked with vinegar a light pickle ) served with white beans and fried dumplings fresh carrot juice with coconut water and cinnamon
  4. Cath Robertson – Either mashed up avocado on toast with salt and pepper, or a banana smoothie with nut milk, porridge oats, protein powder and a handful of green
  5. Gill Plumridge – porridge with blueberries or sometimes muesli with fruit/youghurt and occassionally at the weekend toast and (homemade) marmalade
  6. Amanda Baker – Home-made oat-flake muesli with mixed nuts & baobab powder, soaked over-night in water with fresh-ground flax seeds normally.  Weekend indulgence is oak-smoked tofu scrambled on toast
  7. Debra Shergold – Co op Weetabix with a superfood sprinkle type thing and hazelnut soya milk
  8. Erin O’Brien – During the week, we have porridge or bagels. When I have more time at the weekend, usually pancakes with berries, or French toast
  9. Amy Dougherty – I usually have a green smoothie, a big fruit salad or porridge with fruit and hemp seeds
  10. Nikki B-Smith – varies between melon & dates/banana & grapes/figs, apples …. generally fresh fruit, with a cup of tea and sometimes some dried cereal
  11. Jenny Liddle – Baked beans on toast and sometimes muesli
  12. Bones Jones – Usually have a smoothie with some combination of orange, melon, blueberries, banana, mango, avocado, pineapple etc
  13. Karma Quinta – My favourite treats are bombay potatoes, trifle, fruit crumble
  14. Abis – Fried breakfast, Spaghetti on toast, Beans on toast, Jam on toast, Toast
    Cereal, Muesli with nuts seed and fruit, Sticky porridge, Cold pizza
  15. Harry Eyles – co.op scottish oats porridge with half H2O & half soya or hazelnut milk one day, alternating the next day with co.op weetabix

Raw food breakfast for raw vegans

I asked Deb Durrant of Deliciously Raw what she had for breakfast

I generally have hot water and lemon juice, a green smoothie or chia porridge for breakfast – not all at once. The green smoothie is usually mango or banana and spinach with coconut water and the chia porridge is chia seeds soaked in almond milk and flavoured with vanilla.

Not enough vegan breakfast ideas?

There’s more Vegan breakfasts here.

That’s enough to keep anyone going.

And a few ideas to add some vegan breakfast variety! Any more ideas in the comments please!

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