A year in the Heath by Jetpack and me

Well 2013 was a hectic year and there were some great blog posts, even if I say so myself. The stats I use on this blog come from wordpress.com and the Jetpack people. They are great for a day to day quick check of how many visitors the site has had.

I do like the trends of visits over the weeks and months. The graphs show you the improvements, or otherwise, in traffic. Good stuff but not Google Analytics…

You can get a better version in your wordpress.com account, which has the advantage of having the stats for all your accounts in one spot. I do find this useful.

In addition, you can keep a check on the entries that other WordPress bloggers have been publishing. It’s a good place to post comments from. I like it. There’s a sense of the social in social networking.

The WordPress & Jetpack review of the year 2013

I noticed earlier a short sentence on the stats page of my wordpress.com account with a link to the Jetpack stats round-up of the year.

Check out the fireworks you created on your 2013 Annual Report

If interested you can click through and check out the stats for this blog across the year in the 2013 Annual Report. However, the main part of what they provide is in the gallery below.

Now this is nto the most comprehensive dig into stats but it’s quite fun.  40 thousand page views across the year is quite pleasing considering that there’s only 43 thousand in total. Most have come this year.

Most popular was (and still is) the KTC coconut oil post, which is still rocking. Other related coconut oil posts are also up there.

Then there’s the Lentils post which has had a bit of a renaissance. Despite hardly any keywords being provided these days, those that are indicate that people are really interested in lentils and farts! By actually looking at the stats I can see that all manner of variations on that theme bring people to the site.

Unsurprisingly, the popular keywords match the popular posts!

My fave topics in 2013

I’m picking two for different reasons. The first because of the disbelief when I realised and the second because it rocks!

Vegans and GMOs

I wrote more about GMOs and the dangers associated with the consumption of these foods. Also, the way in which they are creeping into use in this country as the hateful Monsanto et.al. are lobbying hard.

While you expect support for GM food in the government and in big corporations as a result of all the lobbying it came as a huge shock that there were Vegan GMO supporters. I am still shocked to the core that these people claim to be vegan and pro-GMO. It’s a bigger deal in the US where the large Biotech corporations are desperately trying to see off public opinion and are using all manner of obfuscation to get their way. Their way seems to be to NOT inform the consumer.  Madness.

I was very disappointed with the Vegan GMO people who twist the argument and never ever address any counter points. I have come to the conclusion that they are Monsanto stooges. I wrote two or three posts about their antics and the only response to any of the points I’ve raised has been a complaint over me using the term copyright instead of patent! There have been more complaints but generally just wild claims of a pro consensus (which doesn’t exist!)

I’ve spent far too much time arguing with them on Twitter. Tabloid tactics is what they use…

Vegan Health – Plant Power

I’ve always been a fan of plants and with all the juicing I’ve been doing this year, that feeling has only grown. My favourite post of the year is Vegan Diet and Cancer for several reason but not least Plant Power!

There have been loads of superfood and plant power posts to support the essence of that post. I like the potential of plants. I do like the video of the Vegan Society from the 70’s too!

A year in the Heath
A year in the Heath
The lovely Jetpack people provide a simple overview of a year in the blog. The most popular posts are probably not my faves but the stats can't lie...

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