Who’s on your plate – World Vegan Month

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have used models before to promote animal welfare and vegan diets. To promote the upcoming World Vegan Month they have urged people to think about what’s going on your plate. With naked demos in Birmingham yesterday and Manchester today people may just stop and think a little bit longer.

Who knows if these protests actually get others to give up meat? It certainly draws attention to the idea and raises awareness of World Vegan Month. Animal Aid have organised the great vegan challenge for a month to coincide with World Vegan month, which has to be worth a go, surely.

PETA’s naked demo – who’s on your plate

Well, in Manchester it was Loretta Hope demonstrating and in Brum it was Shayna Weisz. Both put in heroic performances for the team. You can read about it on the PETA blog and sign up for the pledge to be vegan for a month.

Who's on your plate - Birmingham
Was freezing but totally worth it! said Shayna
Who's on your plate - World Vegan Month
Peta's naked demonstrations to promote World Vegan Month in Manchester and Birmingham ask you to relate to who's on your plate

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