Vegusto cheddar cheese review – eating and reliving your past

I stumbled across vegusto cheese at the recent V-Delicious event. It’s fantastic. I don’t eat very much in the way of processed vegan foods these days. I tend to go for vegetables. However, this cheese is so good, it’s well worth a splurge every now and then.

I remember being fairly unimpressed when I first tasted vegan cheese. It can be a bit rubbery and flavourless. I got very excited way back when they first melting vegan cheese appeared. I was extremely disappointed in that stuff. It’s sad but I did get over excited. That made the disappointment even more so.

Vegusto cheddar butty
My vegan cheddar butty

I loved melted cheese on toast and plain old cheese and tomato or cheese and onion sandwiches as a kid. And when I first became vegan I did miss grating cheese on pasta. Those sort of things have long been confined to the distant past.

Tasting Vegusto Cheddar

This vegusto cheddar really does take me back to stuffing my face on the beach as a kid. Sun, sea and cheese butties. I was there with the first bite of the vegan cheese sandwich, which had plenty of salad too. This was gorgeous, a nice strong flavour. There is no rubber taste with this cheese, I was impressed. It is actually called No-Moo Mild-Aromatic (Cheddar Alternative) but that’s  a bit of a mouthful…

I wanted more than a mouthful though. Actually, I felt like eating the whole block of Vegusto cheddar in one sitting but… I managed to restrain myself. I was interested to see if I could use it for my old favourites. I made my own vegan cheese sandwich. This was glorious. I had some good spelt bread and had mayo, cucumber and onion. No margarine! Brilliant, truly brilliant, I was back on the beach again…

Okay so sandwiches work but I needed to go to the next level.

Grated vegan cheese on…. ya dinner

The vegan version of melted cheese on toast had to wait. Before that masterpiece I wanted to put some grated cheese on my pasta dinner. So I grated up a huge heap of Vegusto cheddar block and dumped it on my pasta and veg. Whoooosh, like being in a Dr. Who time machine! Back to being a teenager when I couldn’t make a sauce. so grated cheese on your pasta was the way to go.

Again another success. Simple, hardly masterchef but spectacular if you haven’t tasted this sort of thing for almost 20 years.

The big veganised cheese on toast test

Trip down memory lane once again. Not surprising really given the already experienced flavour reminiscence. Now, this Vegusto cheddar doesn’t melt much, well it didn’t when I stuck it under the grill. I didn’t want to burn the toast so I was careful. It did melt a bit and was definitely delicious and is certainly the best melted vegan cheese I’ve tasted, even though it didn’t melt much at all. The strong cheddar style flavour is the key.

When you try to melt non-melting vegan cheese alternatives they tend to turn into tough stuff almost inedible. However, this was great on toast. I ate it with a big salad and it was another great lunch.

And to finish off… Ploughmans

Well my version of a ploughmans. I’m sure there would be farmhands up and down the country arguing over the definition. BUT it was a ploughman’s lunch in my mind. This cheese has flavour. And the flavour works well with salad. There is not much else to say. Another resounding success.

I am never too impressed with vegan cheese, although the smoked ones do work well. This Vegusto cheddar is comfortably the best flavoured vegan cheese I’ve tasted. It would be interesting if they brought out a smoked version (according to the video below there is something similar). But I do thoroughly recommend Vegusto cheddar – five stars! I never give out five stars to anything… This is an exceptional product.

Of course, I didn’t test it in cooked recipes as such. I’ll have to get some more and do so but this is too good to cook. After all this is an award winning cheese

And if you want to know more watch the video by a vegan chef walking you through the various Vegusto cheeses.

So there you have it my Vegusto cheddar cheese review or No-Moo Mild-Aromatic (Cheddar Alternative) to be precise. Now if you want to get your hands on some of this lovely stuff you can get over to the Vegusto No-Moo Mild-Aromatic (Cheddar Alternative) page and order yourself some. Or there is always Amazon

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