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Geezer Butler vegan, Villa fan and Metal legend!

Geezer Butler vegan? You sure? It’s a funny old world and it’s funnier still, the stuff you find out that you really ought to have known. But via some honest to goodness time-wasting surfing I’ve found out that not only is Black Sabbath legend Geezer Butler a heavy metal pioneer and a Villa fan but also vegan. Great!

Geezer Butler is the bassist of Black Sabbath and has been throughout their history. There would be no heavy metal if it weren’t for the Aston rockers. That is clear. The Villa connection is obvious, you support your local team, naturally, take note kids! But really, Geezer Butler vegan? Continue reading

Morrissey Vegan superhero?


Vegan Superhero
This is a tee shirt available in America, it’s great!


Is Morrissey a vegan superhero? The Huffington Post reports that Morrissey has refused to go on a talk show because one of the other guests were off a reality show based around a hunting equipment entrepreneur. On a reread, because I can’t actually believe my own writing, it seems the program may not be a reality show, rather it is simply a fictional series. Continue reading