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Tall Poppy Foods in Selly Oak

I met some of the people from Tall Poppy Foods at the Birmingham Vegan Fair a few weeks ago. They were in the process of moving to Brum but now they have arrived!

On a Moseley Vegans thread the response of those getting to the shop already has been very positive.

Tall Poppy Foods
Tall Poppy Foods in Selly Oak

Dave Knight said

Diverted my way home to pop in, got a really amazing jack fruit and coleslaw burger and Fentiman’s Ginger Beer for £5 – oh and a yummy cupcake (Boston Creme) for £2 – highly recommended!

And Rian Evans said

That jackfruit burger is absolute heaven! Made a special trip for lunch date with my boyfriend. Oat and cardamom date slice was gorgeous too! Such good value and great people! I just wanted to camp out there.

I’ve not managed to get there yet, as I’m now in Essex but next time I’m in Brum I will be visiting. Those Jackfruit burgers are just to irrisistible, I only had a sample too. So a whole one will be ace! For those that don’t know Jackfruit is a tropical number that provides loads of nutrition.

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Savoury energy bars: what a great idea, but are they any good?

We all love energy bars! They help to get us through a long day of training, to the end of that 100 mile bike ride or over the finish line of your next marathon. No?

On the other hand, perhaps you just love energy bars to get you through your hectic day. Or simply as a nice healthy snack. There’s loads of vegan energy bars available these days. Loads. I really like the Beond bars, although I’m not sure if they are more of a raw chocolate snack bar, rather than an energy bar..? They do make some more sporty ones, which are very nice. BUT… you do need to eat them with a drink. Dry, otherwise.

And come to think of it, do the fantastic Nakd bars, that I love, count as a snack rather than energy bar? However, they probably do provide a fair bit of energy, as well as the great taste. So they must count as an energy bar. Then the issue is, which is the best energy bar? Continue reading

Birmingham Vegan Fair at Carrs Lane Church

Today was the first ever Birmingham Vegan Fair. It was hot, very full and great fun! Anyone paying attention will know that the West Midlands Vegan Fair is held in Wolverhampton in October. So while they are regular local events, in Kings Heath, for example, this truly was the first ever central Birmingham Vegan Fair.

Crowded Birmingham Vegan FairBefore anything else, I should mention that these events are made possible by loads of volunteers, chipping in and helping with the organising and running. So a huge well done to them all. The handing out of samples to passersby is one way to drag people in off the street, who might miss it otherwise. Continue reading

Raw Brownie | trishulrawchocolate

Here’s an easy recipe from the fab Trishul Smith on her blog!


This is the most simple brownie to make and has un-complicated ingredients too.The only equipment you will need is a food processor.


  • 100G PECANS (Any nuts will work/or a mixture)
  • 100G DATES

Click through to read instructions Raw Brownie | trishulrawchocolate.

Vegan bread without yeast

Finding yeast & wheat-free, vegan bread

Vegan Bread A vegan bread recipe that has no yeast and avoids wheat is not straightforward to find. Although, eventually, it is right under your nose, if you look properly. Of course, Google is your friend but you do need a few ninja skills to unearth the what you are looking for. Lots of commercially available bread is vegan friendly but if you want to avoid wheat and yeast your options are drastically reduced.

However, the beeb comes up trumps with an easily adaptable Irish Soda bread recipe, which, I adapted! The only ingredients that really needs adapting are the flours and the buttermilk. Continue reading