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Moseley Record Fair at St. Columba Church Hall

I’ve been to loads of these and they are all great. I don’t even have a record player, nor a turntable, even. Records is not the reason I go. For me the Moseley Record Fair is all about the Cafe. The lovely dinner ladies produce fantastic cakes, many of which are vegan. These go great with tea.

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First day of MoVeganBer was austerity day and vegetables rule

So first day of MoVeganBer, a merger of the very popular Movemeber and World Vegan Month. Today is austerity day.

I should be able to do austerity really well. I was a student for a long time, vegan throughout, and survived via Lidl. Vegan and austerity work. It just means you need to cook for yourself. Today the austerity theme is dominated by veg.

Veg is cheap and the easiest way to keep your meals cheap. Lidl is a great place for cheap veg. Alternatively, and probably better in the long run you can buy from your local market. Birmingham market is fab but there’s similar places dotted all over the country. Veg is fairly easy to buy cheaply if you go for in season veg. Simple.

Some vegetables are always in season, it seems. You can always get cheap potatoes. But this time of year your cruciferous vegetables (or brassicas come into season. There’s root veg like turnips, leaves – various types of cabbage and kale,  and flowers such as cauliflower and broccoli. And seeing as it was Halloween yesterday there’s pumpkins and squashes too. Continue reading

World Vegan Month with a little Movember

The 30 day World Vegan challenge is nearly on us. It’s a great chance for the vegan-curious to dip the toe for the World Vegan Month. Of course, it is also Movember which is all about raising awareness of men’s health stuff. And growing a tache. Well if there’s ladies prepared to bare all

I thought I’d do a bit of a mixed event. I’m going to pledge to put up a Vegan meal post each day for (N)Movember World Vegan Month along with regular updates of tache growth. I’m not sure if it’s exactly compatible but it’s what I’m going to do.

Berries for World Vegan Month Movember
I expect berries will be involved

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The vegan breakfast local, raw and celebrity

The burning question of vegan breakfasts has been answered in the Huffington Post, phew. The did some investigation about the breakfasts of five celebrity vegans and came up with the following information. But I wanted to see how they compared with non-celebrity vegan breakfasts.

Huffington Post celebrity vegan breakfasts

  1. Actress Lea Michelle – soya milk oatmeal or tofu scramble with salsa and avocado
  2. Ex-President Bill Clinton has a smoothie for breakfast – almond milk, fresh berries, dairy-free protein powder and ice.
  3. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres apparently goes for  banana and oatmeal pancakes and has a whole section of her website dedicated to recipes.
  4. Alicia Silverstone likes her own recipe of Millet and Sweet Vegetable Porridge, which is certainly the most interesting so far…
  5. And finally country singer Carrie Underwood has tofu scramble with onions, peppers and spinach and salsa. Continue reading

Oak Tree Market in Leigh on Sea

The Oak Tree Market is a vegetarian restaurant in Leigh on Sea, Essex. We went there the other day for lunch and I was very impressed. In fact, I was very happy to meet another vegan in owner Sam Anderson as you know you’re in safe vegan hands. The Oak Tree Market is really bright and airy inside and a very pleasant place to go and eat.

Raspberry and Almond crunch
Raspberry and Almond crunch

GIANT salad at the Oak Tree Market

Between us we had several of the salads on offer. This wasn’t just a plate of cucumber, spring onion and half a jar of olives, no there are a variety to choose from. I had a Giant salad, Ricotta & Avocado without the ricotta. And then coleslaw and potato salad as a side. These were delicious and enough to fill me up. I would normally be left wanting after a salad but not today.

It’s good to know that everything is fresh and not out of a plastic bag. This means they can actually cater for all kinds of dietary requirements. So gluten and yeast can be easily avoided. Good stuff. Sam mentioned that she didn’t realise there were so many vegans in the area, very encouraging. I was surprised given the poor vegan options available at most places. Continue reading