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The Vegan Society 1976 on Open Door

OpenDoor -The Vegan Society 1976 – Full 30 minute video – YouTube.

Especially for World Vegan Month and MoVeganber, here’s a documentary of the Vegan Society from 1976. This is before I even heard the word vegan. It’s starkly different to the situation today, there’s no ex-Presidents having vegan breakfasts! It is amazing how far this vegan thing has come. As someone said to me today “there’s a lot of it about”. Continue reading

Animals in the food chain

The role of animals in the food chain is pretty grim. And with the factory farming methods of today it’s a grimmer life still. This is why PETA and Animal Aid exist. Remember the 30 day challenge for World Vegan Month, which is a chance to dip your toe and make a small difference. There’s no end of cruelty involved in factory farming in particular but the commodity of animals for food is vile, just vile. It’s summed up eloquently in this video Continue reading

Who’s on your plate – World Vegan Month

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have used models before to promote animal welfare and vegan diets. To promote the upcoming World Vegan Month they have urged people to think about what’s going on your plate. With naked demos in Birmingham yesterday and Manchester today people may just stop and think a little bit longer.

Who knows if these protests actually get others to give up meat? It certainly draws attention to the idea and raises awareness of World Vegan Month. Animal Aid have organised the great vegan challenge for a month to coincide with World Vegan month, which has to be worth a go, surely. Continue reading

Durian Rider banned from YouTube, without explanation! But now he’s back!

Durian Rider has been banned from YouTube! That’s grim, completely unfair and an example of censorship that we don’t want to see. Rob Tilling, of Moseley Vegans and Vegan Cyclists on Facebook, sent me a message about this and I feel compelled to write a post. There’s a petition on change org to sign, which might have an effect. Continue reading

Vegan Diet and Cancer

Vegan diet and cancer
Vegan diet and cancer protection means lots of colourful veggies – lush


Cancer is a nasty, shocking word with awful connotations right across the whole world. A recent article on Huffington Post reports on the vegan diet and cancer incidence. Basically, this is much lower amongst vegans compared to vegetarians and meat-eaters. This is not surprising given the propensity for alternative cancer therapies to propose vegan or near vegan diets as part of the therapy. An example is Gerson Therapy, which has been around since before the Second World War and claims very high success rates for curing late stage cancer. Continue reading