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Coconoil to the rescue – 10kg bulk buy

coconoilCoconoil has saved the day… I’ve been searching for the impossible – cheap organic, virgin coconut oil. There really is no such thing, cheap does not compute with organic and virgin. Bulk buying could be the answer, couldn’t it.

My favourite brand has been Essential, which is a decent price in Indigo, Moseley but is not available on Amazon at the moment. For me, the best Amazon buy, not in bulk is Convive Virgin Coconut Food Oil, which is £15.99 a kilo. I digress, but is bulk buying the answer? Continue reading

Durian Rider banned from YouTube, without explanation! But now he’s back!

Durian Rider has been banned from YouTube! That’s grim, completely unfair and an example of censorship that we don’t want to see. Rob Tilling, of Moseley Vegans and Vegan Cyclists on Facebook, sent me a message about this and I feel compelled to write a post. There’s a petition on change org to sign, which might have an effect. Continue reading