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Raw Christmas Chocolates from Trishul

Well to go with the hampers from Deliciously Raw I simply had to get some Trishul treats. So two boxes of raw Christmas chocolates was right in order.

Raw Christmas Chocolates
Raw Christmas Chocolates from Trishul Smith

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Raw Christmas Hampers

After talking to Deb Durrant of Deliciously Raw at Vegfest a few months ago I thought raw Christmas hampers would be a great idea. So I ordered a few. Great presents, even for meat-eaters.

She’d shown me photos from a recent cooking course she’d ran. Well it’s not cooking as such, obviously, but a course on how to make spectacular raw food recipes. It was the photos of the raw vegan cheese that got me. They looked amazing. I’ve pinched the pics I saw from her blog of the Feast course.

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Cacao Liquor shake

Cacao Liquor – shakes and puds

The wonderful Trishul Smith mentioned how great cacao liquor is sometime ago. I only recently got some from the equally wonderful Detox Your World. Now this is not only expensive, all lovely raw cacao is, it’s also very, very special. Even calling it a superfood is probably doing this stuff a disservice! Ha!

It arrives in a packet but looks like big brown chunks. Probably, because it is big brown chunks. But these cacao liquor chunks are chunks of lushness and, in terms of raw chocolate as instant as you’ll get. Of course, you won’t get instant chocolate as you do have to melt this gear in a bowl immersed in boiling water. However, cacao liquor melts much easier than cacao butter and has the advantage of containing a certain amount of cacao powder. It’s a bit like a combination of the two. Continue reading

Badass Brownies & Fantastic Fudge packed with good guys

Trish has been at it again. The Trishul these Badass Brownies and Fantastic Fudge are not only raw but they are simply packing good guys and superfood. Jammed with them and just a flavour overload. Love them.

The Badass Brownies really are badass. Badass enough for Heisenburg I’d say – you gotta know your Breaking Bad to get that. In fact…

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Chocolate Avocado Shake | Foodsmarty’s Blog

Craving chocolate ice cream or a chocolate shake. Try this instead. It tastes the same and will make you feel great!

Avocado have monounsaturated fats called oleic acids. These are the same fats found in olives and are good for your heart and digestive system. Although this dish is high in fat remember that it is sugar and carbs that will make you fat, not healthy fats.

via Chocolate Avocado Shake | Foodsmarty’s Blog.

Choccy & Avocado

Replacing the honey with coconut sugar and the cocoa with cacao and BOOM!