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Raw Christmas Chocolates from Trishul

Well to go with the hampers from Deliciously Raw I simply had to get some Trishul treats. So two boxes of raw Christmas chocolates was right in order.

Raw Christmas Chocolates
Raw Christmas Chocolates from Trishul Smith

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Raw Christmas Hampers

After talking to Deb Durrant of Deliciously Raw at Vegfest a few months ago I thought raw Christmas hampers would be a great idea. So I ordered a few. Great presents, even for meat-eaters.

She’d shown me photos from a recent cooking course she’d ran. Well it’s not cooking as such, obviously, but a course on how to make spectacular raw food recipes. It was the photos of the raw vegan cheese that got me. They looked amazing. I’ve pinched the pics I saw from her blog of the Feast course.

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Cordyceps supplement, the aftermath!

I was interested to see how the cordyceps supplement from Detox Your World would fair against glutamine to help post exercise recovery. Initially I found it to be no different to glutamine.

However, since then I have been taking it for several weeks. I really do think it needed some time to kick in. It’s certainly kicked in now, that’s for sure. Continue reading

Moseley Record Fair at St. Columba Church Hall

I’ve been to loads of these and they are all great. I don’t even have a record player, nor a turntable, even. Records is not the reason I go. For me the Moseley Record Fair is all about the Cafe. The lovely dinner ladies produce fantastic cakes, many of which are vegan. These go great with tea.

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Discounts for World Vegan Month

There are some great savings to be had here so treat yourself during World Vegan Month or even start your cruelty-free Festive shopping early.  Please note that links are to external websites and The Vegan Society is not responsible for the content of these sites.  All discounts are available for the month of November. Continue reading