The Vegan Society 1976 on Open Door

OpenDoor -The Vegan Society 1976 – Full 30 minute video – YouTube.

Especially for World Vegan Month and MoVeganber, here’s a documentary of the Vegan Society from 1976. This is before I even heard the word vegan. It’s starkly different to the situation today, there’s no ex-Presidents having vegan breakfasts! It is amazing how far this vegan thing has come. As someone said to me today “there’s a lot of it about”.

It’s interesting how the issues relevant then are still relevant today, all of them. And check out those lab coats on the doctors and the unfortunately named ‘Bland’ family….

Kathleen Jannaway

Kathleen Jannaway, the then Secretary of the Vegan Society, is featured in the video. She provides plenty of good reasons supporting veganism. And of course these are still valid.  Same old, same old.

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