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The Sandbar Restaurant on the Broadway in Leigh on Sea

There’s not a huge list of vegan restaurants in Leigh and this was my first visit to the Sandbar. While there is, of course, the wonderful Oak Tree Market, which I do visit fairly regularly, other than that it’s a little sparse for vegan food.

Leigh on Sea is big on seafood, the clue is in the name. As a result, there’s far more seafood restaurants than vegan restaurants. And we’re in Essex. All these factors contribute to a meaty menu in most places. Continue reading

Moseley Record Fair at St. Columba Church Hall

I’ve been to loads of these and they are all great. I don’t even have a record player, nor a turntable, even. Records is not the reason I go. For me the Moseley Record Fair is all about the Cafe. The lovely dinner ladies produce fantastic cakes, many of which are vegan. These go great with tea.

Moseley Record Fair Continue reading

Oak Tree Market in Leigh on Sea

The Oak Tree Market is a vegetarian restaurant in Leigh on Sea, Essex. We went there the other day for lunch and I was very impressed. In fact, I was very happy to meet another vegan in owner Sam Anderson as you know you’re in safe vegan hands. The Oak Tree Market is really bright and airy inside and a very pleasant place to go and eat.

Raspberry and Almond crunch
Raspberry and Almond crunch

GIANT salad at the Oak Tree Market

Between us we had several of the salads on offer. This wasn’t just a plate of cucumber, spring onion and half a jar of olives, no there are a variety to choose from. I had a Giant salad, Ricotta & Avocado without the ricotta. And then coleslaw and potato salad as a side. These were delicious and enough to fill me up. I would normally be left wanting after a salad but not today.

It’s good to know that everything is fresh and not out of a plastic bag. This means they can actually cater for all kinds of dietary requirements. So gluten and yeast can be easily avoided. Good stuff. Sam mentioned that she didn’t realise there were so many vegans in the area, very encouraging. I was surprised given the poor vegan options available at most places. Continue reading

Tall Poppy Foods in Selly Oak

I met some of the people from Tall Poppy Foods at the Birmingham Vegan Fair a few weeks ago. They were in the process of moving to Brum but now they have arrived!

On a Moseley Vegans thread the response of those getting to the shop already has been very positive.

Tall Poppy Foods
Tall Poppy Foods in Selly Oak

Dave Knight said

Diverted my way home to pop in, got a really amazing jack fruit and coleslaw burger and Fentiman’s Ginger Beer for £5 – oh and a yummy cupcake (Boston Creme) for £2 – highly recommended!

And Rian Evans said

That jackfruit burger is absolute heaven! Made a special trip for lunch date with my boyfriend. Oat and cardamom date slice was gorgeous too! Such good value and great people! I just wanted to camp out there.

I’ve not managed to get there yet, as I’m now in Essex but next time I’m in Brum I will be visiting. Those Jackfruit burgers are just to irrisistible, I only had a sample too. So a whole one will be ace! For those that don’t know Jackfruit is a tropical number that provides loads of nutrition.

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Vegusto cheddar cheese review – eating and reliving your past

I stumbled across vegusto cheese at the recent V-Delicious event. It’s fantastic. I don’t eat very much in the way of processed vegan foods these days. I tend to go for vegetables. However, this cheese is so good, it’s well worth a splurge every now and then.

I remember being fairly unimpressed when I first tasted vegan cheese. It can be a bit rubbery and flavourless. I got very excited way back when they first melting vegan cheese appeared. I was extremely disappointed in that stuff. It’s sad but I did get over excited. That made the disappointment even more so.

Vegusto cheddar butty
My vegan cheddar butty

I loved melted cheese on toast and plain old cheese and tomato or cheese and onion sandwiches as a kid. And when I first became vegan I did miss grating cheese on pasta. Those sort of things have long been confined to the distant past. Continue reading