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Vegusto cheddar cheese review – eating and reliving your past

I stumbled across vegusto cheese at the recent V-Delicious event. It’s fantastic. I don’t eat very much in the way of processed vegan foods these days. I tend to go for vegetables. However, this cheese is so good, it’s well worth a splurge every now and then.

I remember being fairly unimpressed when I first tasted vegan cheese. It can be a bit rubbery and flavourless. I got very excited way back when they first melting vegan cheese appeared. I was extremely disappointed in that stuff. It’s sad but I did get over excited. That made the disappointment even more so.

Vegusto cheddar butty
My vegan cheddar butty

I loved melted cheese on toast and plain old cheese and tomato or cheese and onion sandwiches as a kid. And when I first became vegan I did miss grating cheese on pasta. Those sort of things have long been confined to the distant past. Continue reading

V-Delicious 2013 – veggie Good Food Show

I only found out about the V-Delicious event on Thursday but was determined to go not least because Ms Cupcake was going to be there and I was keen to meet her. It’s the first veggie version of the Good Food Show, so I thought it’d be worth a visit. It was!

The journey from Essex was a nightmare. It would have been quicker coming from Birmingham. There were works on the line and a bus replacement service. This is never good news and it meant that it took ages, nearly three hours to get to Olympia. I have worked at Olympia as a student so was keen to see if it had changed much. No is the answer. Continue reading