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Planet India – south Indian cooking in Brighton

Planet India Brighton

In my experience, visiting a purely vegetarian restaurant as a vegan is a happy experience. And so it proved again with the wonderful Planet India in Brighton. Located just out of the city centre at 4, Richmond Parade, close to St. Peter’s Church, the Planet India restaurant is difficult to miss, it’s pink!

As soon as I walked in I loved the place, it’s got the feel of India – the boss is barefoot! The relaxed, back to basics decour was very interesting, there’s loads of stuff and pictures to look at. And the owner uses his spotify playlist as background music, chilled reggae to aid digestion! Ace! Continue reading

Vegan Health Problems – Vegan Children at Risk?

Daniel Foggo
Daniel Foggo

In 2008 a child in Lewisham was taken to hospital after collapsing at home where doctors alerted social workers to the case. They suggested that the child’s meat and dairy free diet caused him to have rickets, being low in various nutrients. Social workers then got a restriction order preventing the family ‘snatching’ the child from hospital suggesting that neglect leading to malnutrition had caused the illness. Continue reading