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Veganism on a student budget | theguardian.com

Students get a lot of stick for our supposed failure to eat well. Many begin university with little to no knowledge of cooking, left to fend for themselves in the big, bad world of ready meals, eventually succumbing to their second Super Noodle sandwich of the day.

Universities such as Loughborough have set up online TV stations to widen people’s culinary skills, with Sam Stern and other celebrity chefs capitalising on this gap in the market. But for me, going to university as a vegetarian – and now vegan – has made my quest to cook and eat well more palatable.

Knowing exactly what I can and cannot eat has forced me to really think about my shopping lists. As a vegan, I do not consume any animal products and try my best not to use any either. I have reacquainted myself with stereotypically boring vegetables (I love you, broccoli), and discovered delicious substitutes like polenta and seitan, a high-protein wheat-based alternative for more meaty meats such as buffalo wings and duck.

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