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Vegan Christmas dinner at Veged Out in the Birmingham City Centre

Terrific Truffles for afters - vegan Xmas dinner
Terrific Truffles for afters!

A successful vegan Christmas dinner can be difficult to achieve when non-vegans struggle with the concept. How on earth can it work without turkey etc. An easy answer is to ensure the roast veg is vegan friendly and to bring some kind of turkey and pudding replacement. This is simple and means so long as you conjour up some gravy and custard you will end up with a very successful vegan Christmas dinner. Hurray.

A Vegan Christmas dinner at a restaurant

Many families these days go out for Christmas dinner, vegan food for chefs at these places can be a bit of a mystery but the other option is to get the omnivores to come with you to try a guaranteed vegan Christmas dinner at a vegan restaurant. This is something I’ve done several times at the wonderful Warehouse Cafe, always leaving full and happy after a great meal. Continue reading