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GMO rumble with Vegan GMO

Vegan GMO rumble on with their same tactics. They refuse to answer even the simplest point and just press on with their rhetoric. It is straightforward tabloid tactics, there’s just no attempt to reply to any point made. That is, other than claim that the scientific consensus points to the safety of GM foods.

GMO rumble - label them
Label GMOs in the US – Seattle Organic Restaurants

The vegan GMO rumble continues as they repeat the same nonsense again and again. And when directly asked pertinent questions directly related to GMOs and vegans they ignore it. Vegan GMO are you actually vegan?

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Vegan GMO? Vehement pro-GMO vegans on the loose

Vegan GMO twitter profile

I became aware of the Vegan GMO website sometime ago during a debate about GMOs on the Moseley Vegans Facebook page. There wasn’t a lot on the site at that time and I ignored it as it was pretty inconsequential other than the fact there were vegans in this world who are pro-GMO. Yes Vegan GMO is a pro GMO website. Vegans come from all walks of life. However a couple of days ago I became embroiled in a Twitter discussion with a couple of the members of Vegan GMO. They are decidedly pro yet claim to be ‘open-minded about genetic engineering and biotechnology’. Vegan GMO are anything BUT open-minded. Continue reading