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Plant based diet and business news – good & bad

On Facebook today, two items popped up both of which concerned plant based diet and the business involved in producing them. There is a stark contrast in approach though. Firstly, a friend shared a picture which had a long description and told the story of mega Ag company Monsanto, a firm heavily involved in plant based food production claiming copyright infringement against farmers, very much in the profit above all else camp. While the second concerned a movement to use technology to produce eco-foods in Silicon Valley which could improve animal welfare and the environmental toll of food production.

monsanto v farmers

Monsanto, GM seeds and copyright infringement

Odd, to say the least but apparently they are making headway in a number of smaller courts in the US system. They are suing farmers for copyright infringement because said farmers are indulging in the age-memorial practice of harvesting seeds from their crops to be used the following year. Continue reading

Planet India – south Indian cooking in Brighton

Planet India Brighton

In my experience, visiting a purely vegetarian restaurant as a vegan is a happy experience. And so it proved again with the wonderful Planet India in Brighton. Located just out of the city centre at 4, Richmond Parade, close to St. Peter’s Church, the Planet India restaurant is difficult to miss, it’s pink!

As soon as I walked in I loved the place, it’s got the feel of India – the boss is barefoot! The relaxed, back to basics decour was very interesting, there’s loads of stuff and pictures to look at. And the owner uses his spotify playlist as background music, chilled reggae to aid digestion! Ace! Continue reading

Great Vegan Food at a Wedding in Frome

Vegan Wedding Food
Vegan Wedding Food – soup starter

Vegan food choices tend to be limited at weddings but with forward planning this doesn’t tend to be an issue this day and age. I went to a wedding last weekend and the food for the one and only vegan was pretty impressive and enjoyable. The whole day was a lot of fun and the setting was great at Wick Farm just outside of Frome in Somerset.

Vegan Food at weddings can be a little hit and miss

There was a little discussion in a thread about vegan food choices at weddings with, in my opinion, the worst meal offered somebody else being a piece of French bread with grated carrot on it! I was hoping for something a little more extravagant and knew things would be okay when a specially vegan canape was produced. Continue reading

Vegan Christmas dinner at Veged Out in the Birmingham City Centre

Terrific Truffles for afters - vegan Xmas dinner
Terrific Truffles for afters!

A successful vegan Christmas dinner can be difficult to achieve when non-vegans struggle with the concept. How on earth can it work without turkey etc. An easy answer is to ensure the roast veg is vegan friendly and to bring some kind of turkey and pudding replacement. This is simple and means so long as you conjour up some gravy and custard you will end up with a very successful vegan Christmas dinner. Hurray.

A Vegan Christmas dinner at a restaurant

Many families these days go out for Christmas dinner, vegan food for chefs at these places can be a bit of a mystery but the other option is to get the omnivores to come with you to try a guaranteed vegan Christmas dinner at a vegan restaurant. This is something I’ve done several times at the wonderful Warehouse Cafe, always leaving full and happy after a great meal. Continue reading

First salad of the summer – carrot salad recipe

The sun has been out and when that happens I always start thinking salad and for the first one of the summer I rustled up a special carrot salad, but without raisins. I just can’t bare them in salads.

I always used to go for the simple cucumber and tomato style salads of my youth but since becoming vegan I’ve been way more experimental. Continue reading