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Baby abducted for being vegan!

I received this rather distressing email about a French baby who has been confiscated from his home because he has been brought up vegan. No other reason than that. This is a clear infringement of his and his parents human rights. Vegans have human rights you know! Please note I used Google translator to make this email English, it’s not perfect.

Joachim Paul, a small eight month old baby, was abducted for more than nine weeks his parents and placed in the Social Assistance Fund (ex-DDASSs) of Vaucluse.

The only criticism of the parents is that his mother does not eat animal products, and did not accept her child vaccines that were not required!

Joachim Paul
Joachim Paul taken into care

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Vegan Health Problems – Vegan Children at Risk?

Daniel Foggo
Daniel Foggo

In 2008 a child in Lewisham was taken to hospital after collapsing at home where doctors alerted social workers to the case. They suggested that the child’s meat and dairy free diet caused him to have rickets, being low in various nutrients. Social workers then got a restriction order preventing the family ‘snatching’ the child from hospital suggesting that neglect leading to malnutrition had caused the illness. Continue reading