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The vegan breakfast local, raw and celebrity

The burning question of vegan breakfasts has been answered in the Huffington Post, phew. The did some investigation about the breakfasts of five celebrity vegans and came up with the following information. But I wanted to see how they compared with non-celebrity vegan breakfasts.

Huffington Post celebrity vegan breakfasts

  1. Actress Lea Michelle – soya milk oatmeal or tofu scramble with salsa and avocado
  2. Ex-President Bill Clinton has a smoothie for breakfast – almond milk, fresh berries, dairy-free protein powder and ice.
  3. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres apparently goes for  banana and oatmeal pancakes and has a whole section of her website dedicated to recipes.
  4. Alicia Silverstone likes her own recipe of Millet and Sweet Vegetable Porridge, which is certainly the most interesting so far…
  5. And finally country singer Carrie Underwood has tofu scramble with onions, peppers and spinach and salsa. Continue reading