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Vegan bodybuilders, protein synthesis and busting myths

It’s amazing how many vegans there are about these days. And the variety of vegan lifestyles there are . There’s plenty of vegan athletes and even vegan bodybuilders. But where can tehy get their protein from?

This exert from the NY Times talks about the increasing popularity of vegan bodybuilders.

The popularity of veganism has…even entered bodybuilding, perceived by many as a population of vein-popping men and women thriving off meat and artificial enhancements. Competitors like Sitko are forging a distinctive subculture of antibeef beefcakes who hope to change more of their competitors’ eating habits.

As a vegan, Sitko, 29, does not eat meat, dairy or, he said, “anything else that comes from an animal.” As a bodybuilder, he spends hours at the gym lifting barbells, running on a treadmill and sculpturing his 5-foot-11, 180-pound body. Then he spray-tans and parades before a panel of judges in a posing suit, known in the sport as a mankini. He is preparing for a competition in March.

via Vegans Muscle Their Way Into Bodybuilding – NYTimes.com.

Whether or not you’re partial to big veiny blokes or not, it’s pretty clear that there are successful vegan bodybuilders. The popular myth of animal protein is blown away by vegans competing against carnivores in body building. You simply do not need the popularly excessive volume of protein to thrive. Or do you? Continue reading