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Raw Christmas Chocolates from Trishul

Well to go with the hampers from Deliciously Raw I simply had to get some Trishul treats. So two boxes of raw Christmas chocolates was right in order.

Raw Christmas Chocolates
Raw Christmas Chocolates from Trishul Smith

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Badass Brownies & Fantastic Fudge packed with good guys

Trish has been at it again. The Trishul these Badass Brownies and Fantastic Fudge are not only raw but they are simply packing good guys and superfood. Jammed with them and just a flavour overload. Love them.

The Badass Brownies really are badass. Badass enough for Heisenburg I’d say – you gotta know your Breaking Bad to get that. In fact…

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Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester

I failed to attend the Northern Vegan Festival but the lovely Trishul Smith went and told me all about  it. I was a bit envious of the people going there as Trish posted a pic of her Pistachio & Sour Cherry caramels on Facebook and they do taste as good as they look, I can confirm that. The sour cherry flavour bombs are explosive! I do love these all raw, vegan treats.

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Trishul Raw chocolate

raw chocolate from TrishulTrishul Raw Chocolate is a locally based producer of fantastic raw chocolate and will be at the upcoming Cruelty Free Christmas Fair this weekend, 15th December. I was lucky enough to get a sneek peak at some of this lovely stuff before the event.

Raw chocolate is what it says on the tin, chocolate that has NOT been cooked. This means the cacao bean goodness is preserved rather than being destroyed during the roasting process. And there is bountiful goodness in that bean, this means that raw chocolate is healthy. In fact, more than healthy it’s a superfood. Continue reading