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Melon lemonade recipe – healthy and new-fangled!

MelonUsually a traditional lemonade recipe has a lot of sugar in it, which is not the healthiest ingredient in the world and is pretty fattening. This traditional lemonade recipe from the Guardian journo Nigel Slater is a case in point. I do like that he includes the entire lemon with the caveat of using only quality organic lemons if possible – to avoid the wax and nasty pesticides retained in the peel. Well I’ve managed to create a lemonade recipe that has no added sugar and is definitely healthy!

As I used non-organic lemons the peel was removed but I too use filtered water but far less than in Slater’s recipe because my secret ingredient means you only need a very small amount of water. And that secret ingredient in my healthy lemonade recipe is….. melon. So I have come up with melon lemonade! In fact, it’s no more than melon and lemon juice BUT it is as good, or better, than any traditional lemonade I’ve ever tasted. Continue reading