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Tempeh from Beet the System

Two types of Tempeh
Impulse left, Beet the System right

What is tempeh?

The wonderful Alex Beet from Beet the System has provided me with a piece of his amazing tempeh. Tempeh is great, it’s an Indonesian staple of fermented soy.  The soya beans undergo a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process which binds  theminto a kind of cake. This is nothing like a sponge cake, very savoury with an earthy flavour.

It is possible to get commercially made tempeh, which I do use regularly, for those in the region it is available in Indigo, Moseley. There’s even a tempeh bacon product which I have tried but I’m not over keen. I have had tempeh bacon in veggie cafes and it is fine for a breaky scoff, but for a nice dinner the real stuff is better.

Apparently, Beet the System tempeh is cultured in stainless steel as opposed to plastic, which could make a significant difference in the taste, as the heating takes the temperature up to 92F. I was quite excited to try some of this, although I have had it at the Wagon and Horses and the West Midlands Vegan Festival. There’s nothing like trying your own cooking though! Alex suggested marinating it but I wanted to try some without marinating as well. So now follows the review! Continue reading