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Hemp milk is too delicious to be just Good

Great Hemp Milk!I first tried hemp milk when a friend posted on Facebook saying she had some to give away because she didn’t like it. She’d bought it from Indigo but hadn’t realised it was flavoured with vanilla.

I love vanilla. I met up with her and took the lovely hemp milk away with me. It is truly gorgeous.

I was very keen because I’d seen it in Indigo and desired it. But it’s not cheap, compared to soya milk. It’s usually about £2 a litre. In the grand scheme of things that’s not excessively expensive but, well, it’s not cheap. Continue reading

Trishul Raw chocolate

raw chocolate from TrishulTrishul Raw Chocolate is a locally based producer of fantastic raw chocolate and will be at the upcoming Cruelty Free Christmas Fair this weekend, 15th December. I was lucky enough to get a sneek peak at some of this lovely stuff before the event.

Raw chocolate is what it says on the tin, chocolate that has NOT been cooked. This means the cacao bean goodness is preserved rather than being destroyed during the roasting process. And there is bountiful goodness in that bean, this means that raw chocolate is healthy. In fact, more than healthy it’s a superfood. Continue reading