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Agave Syrup


Agave syrup is produced from the Agave cactus, which famously is the plant from which tequila is made. It’s a great, sweeter alternative to sugar and it is low on the Glycaemic Index. This means that the sugar rush, from eating Mars bars or whatever, does not occur. Agave syrup has a minimal ‘raising’ effect on blood sugar despite tasting sweet. Continue reading

Soya Milk Maker

I have just bought a soya milk maker and have been testing it out. I have to say the results are great, nice creamy soya milk, without the additives and at a fraction of the price, a winner all round! I bought my machine after reading a review of a few at soya.be after googling the subject.

Soya Milk Maker

The real draw to this particular machine from soyadirect was the lack of filter cup, meaning easy cleaning. A few years ago I was living with someone who bought us a similar soya milk maker machine, which was soon pushed to the back of the cupboard as cleaning was a major chore. The filter cup cleaning is like cleaning the filter/grater on a cheap crappy juicer, but only a more difficult job. I can’t remember which machine this was but the milk produced was not as nice as that my shiny new soya milk maker makes. I can’t figure out why this can be as the recipe is the same; dry soya beans and water. Perhaps my palate is now more suited to non-sweetened soy milk. Continue reading