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Roundup Resistance on Facebook providing evidence of the dangers of GMO food

The Roundup Resistance page on Facebook  is a mine of information concerning GMOs and the Monsanto monster. The name Roundup Resistance concerns the toxic  herbicide that Monsanto sell. The genetic modification process as far as Monsanto is concerned is aimed at making their GM crops Roundup resistant. The weeds die, the crops survive.

Survive, is the right word as a huge amount of the nutrients are removed by glyphosate. Glyphosate has a strong chelating effect, drawing the nutrients from the soil. Also traces of glyphosate are abosrbed by the crop. The result is substandard, poor quality crops. Even with just this in mind, it is clear to see that GM crops are not the answer to food security concerns.

Concerns about the toxicity of glyphosate is intrinsic to GM crops. Roundup contains additional toxic chemicals. GM crops can barely be called food.

For more on this check out the Independent post from last week. The video of Moms Across America is very revealing.

Roundup Resistance on Facebook

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