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Purple corn, anthocyanins and berries – get em down ya!

Purple corn is a bit of a novelty. A South American novelty, at that. I was unaware that there was any form of corn other than the standard yellow. Of course, there’s the nasty GM type but we won’t go there. However, watching a program about GM corn in Mexico I became aware that purple corn exists.

Purple corn is packed with anthocyanins
Purple corn – packed with anthocyanins – from natures-health-foods.com

According to the wonderful Detox Your World, purple corn comes from Peru usually. It’s an ancient crop which has been found in archeological sites from as long ago as 2500 years. Importantly this stuff really is a superfood good guy. Of special interest is the high anthocyanin content in purple corn. In fact, purple corn has a similar (or higher) level of anthocyanins as blueberries but “higher antioxidant capacity and antiradical kinetics”. In addition, it also contains substantial amounts of phenolics. All in all, purple corn rocks. Continue reading