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Ms Cupcake baking book

Ms Cupcake baking range launched

Ms Cupcake collaborates with TK Maxx23 July, 2013By Antonia HawkenVegan bakery owner Mellissa Morgan has launched a bakeware line in TK Maxx.From the founder of Ms Cupcake in Brixton, the range consists of five pieces: a 20cm sandwich mould; 20cm sandwich mould twin-pack; a 2lb loaf mould; six-cup muffin silicone mould; and eight-cup heart muffin silicone mould.The twin sandwich mould pack has a RRP of £24, and the rest of the collection has a RRP of £12.50 each.

Speaking about the launch and the use of silicone, Morgan said: “Silicone is a very versatile product and can be used in the oven, microwave and freezer. It’s dishwasher safe, but the non-stick properties are so good is very easy to hand wash in warm water.” Continue reading

V-Delicious 2013 – veggie Good Food Show

I only found out about the V-Delicious event on Thursday but was determined to go not least because Ms Cupcake was going to be there and I was keen to meet her. It’s the first veggie version of the Good Food Show, so I thought it’d be worth a visit. It was!

The journey from Essex was a nightmare. It would have been quicker coming from Birmingham. There were works on the line and a bus replacement service. This is never good news and it meant that it took ages, nearly three hours to get to Olympia. I have worked at Olympia as a student so was keen to see if it had changed much. No is the answer. Continue reading

Ms Cupcake’s snickerdoodles recipe or cinnamon cookies…

When I was asked to review the Ms Cupcake cookbook Snickerdoodles was one of the recipes I was looking forward to checking out, because of the name. It is an odd name! I was baking the vegan soda bread again and wanted to have something else in the oven so Ms Cupcake’s snickerdoodles seemed like a very decent choice.


What are snickerdoodles anyway?

Snickerdoodles are cinnamon cookies! Ms Cupcake says

Snickerdoodles is the name those on the other side of the Atlantic have given to sugar cookies that have been rolled in cinnamon-sugar prior to baking

I thought Snickerdoodles was an Americanism, so there you go. Similar to the Lemon and Blueberry loaf cake I changed the recipe. Well I was never likely to use plain flour so that had to go, as did the caster sugar. In fact, there did seem like an awful lot of sugar in the recipe so I cut right back. And I also cut back on the fat, well virgin coconut oil is not cheap and I prefer not to use margarine… SO there were a few adjustments. Continue reading

Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester

I failed to attend the Northern Vegan Festival but the lovely Trishul Smith went and told me all about  it. I was a bit envious of the people going there as Trish posted a pic of her Pistachio & Sour Cherry caramels on Facebook and they do taste as good as they look, I can confirm that. The sour cherry flavour bombs are explosive! I do love these all raw, vegan treats.

Sour cherry and pistachio Continue reading

Blueberry Lemon Loaf Cake and Ms Cupcake

So here’s my first attempt at a Ms Cupcake recipe, which happens to be the Blueberry Lemon loaf cake rather than a cupcake! That might be cheating but I skimmed through the Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town cookbook, picked out a few appealing recipes that I kinda had ingredients for and got stuck in.

Ms Cupcake - Blueberry & Lemon Loaf

As I said in the Ms Cupcake review I do like the layout of the book, as all the instructions are on one page, which is a great help. Nothing worse than spreading the gunk off a load of sticky fingers throughout a new cookbook when you needn’t. And this was nothing like that.

I loved moist lemon cake as a kid Continue reading