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Animals in the food chain

The role of animals in the food chain is pretty grim. And with the factory farming methods of today it’s a grimmer life still. This is why PETA and Animal Aid exist. Remember the 30 day challenge for World Vegan Month, which is a chance to dip your toe and make a small difference. There’s no end of cruelty involved in factory farming in particular but the commodity of animals for food is vile, just vile. It’s summed up eloquently in this video Continue reading

Cake for vegans is easy

When I became vegan, cakes were rare. Back then it was a case of waiting for Kate’s mum’s chocolate cake.  Well eggs are essential for a cake. Err, no, but that was the general perception. Now there’s lots of recipes and Ms Cupcake! I try to make the few cakes I make a little more health conscious so I avoid regular sugar and wheat. And I tend to put less sweetener than the recipe suggests. Cakes are all the better for it I find.

I avoid wheat most of the time because of the bloating and sugar is simply bereft of and nutritional value. Quinoa is a superfood and coconut sugar still retains some nutritional value, I believe. This time I used the coconut sugar with tamarind from Coconom. It’s a little different but works great.

lemon and cranberry loaf Continue reading

MoVeganBer superfood stir fry – turmeric and quinoa with coconut oil

I’m all about superfood. One of the best things being vegan, is the sheer variety of food I eat. And the beauty of plant food is they are loaded with good guys. Superfoods are easy to come by. Raw is best to conserve your nutrients but a stir fry is cooking quickly so not too much damage done.

Stir fry superfood Continue reading

First day of MoVeganBer was austerity day and vegetables rule

So first day of MoVeganBer, a merger of the very popular Movemeber and World Vegan Month. Today is austerity day.

I should be able to do austerity really well. I was a student for a long time, vegan throughout, and survived via Lidl. Vegan and austerity work. It just means you need to cook for yourself. Today the austerity theme is dominated by veg.

Veg is cheap and the easiest way to keep your meals cheap. Lidl is a great place for cheap veg. Alternatively, and probably better in the long run you can buy from your local market. Birmingham market is fab but there’s similar places dotted all over the country. Veg is fairly easy to buy cheaply if you go for in season veg. Simple.

Some vegetables are always in season, it seems. You can always get cheap potatoes. But this time of year your cruciferous vegetables (or brassicas come into season. There’s root veg like turnips, leaves – various types of cabbage and kale,  and flowers such as cauliflower and broccoli. And seeing as it was Halloween yesterday there’s pumpkins and squashes too. Continue reading