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New EU Seed Law on Plant Reproductive Materials – what it means

Well, what a hectic fortnight. Everyone we know has been lobbying hard, and thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been emailing and writing about this, there were some important last-minute changes to the proposed EU seed law.

Considering the new EU seed laws
EU considering seed laws that affect us all

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Monsanto documentary – Genetic Roulette

This Monsanto documentary from the Institute of Responsible Technology WILL make you sit up and take notice. There’s fact on ridiculous fact in here. Some will shock, well most actually. And the surprising thing is that there are so many qualified scientists that oppose GMOs.

Monsanto Documentary - Genetic Roulette

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Plant based diet and business news – good & bad

On Facebook today, two items popped up both of which concerned plant based diet and the business involved in producing them. There is a stark contrast in approach though. Firstly, a friend shared a picture which had a long description and told the story of mega Ag company Monsanto, a firm heavily involved in plant based food production claiming copyright infringement against farmers, very much in the profit above all else camp. While the second concerned a movement to use technology to produce eco-foods in Silicon Valley which could improve animal welfare and the environmental toll of food production.

monsanto v farmers

Monsanto, GM seeds and copyright infringement

Odd, to say the least but apparently they are making headway in a number of smaller courts in the US system. They are suing farmers for copyright infringement because said farmers are indulging in the age-memorial practice of harvesting seeds from their crops to be used the following year. Continue reading