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Why GMOs Can Never Be Safe

Mercola has done it again. Another beautiful article. This time he explains why GMOs are fundamentally wrong. The current simplistic approach to genetic engineering is just too simple to work without drastic unwanted consequences. Read on…

GMO joker

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho of the Institute for Science in Society… concluded that, by their very nature, there is no way GMOs (genetically modified organisms) can be safe.

The Greatest Danger of Genetic Modification

According to Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, genetic modification interferes fundamentally with the natural genetic modifications that organisms undergo in order to survive. Under natural circumstances, this is done in real time as “an exquisitely precise molecular dance of life.”

Genetic engineering, which assumes that one protein determines one particular trait, such as herbicide tolerance or insect resistance, and can easily be swapped out with another, with no other effects, is dangerously simplistic or, as Dr. Mae-Wan Ho says, “an illusion.” Continue reading