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Easing Your Way into Green Juicing with Vegetropolis

I’ve recently purchased my own mean green juicer machine and have been green juicing away merrily. Recently, I have been diluting the juice so it’s a little easier on the stomach. I haven’t paid much attention to breaking myself in gently, it’s been more of a bull in a green juicing shop approach. Lots of kale, broccoli and cabbage, well if you want green juice you gotta juice green vegetables!

And if you want the best results from your juice you really ought to go for organic vegetables. Following the infographic – keep scrolling it’s a long way down –  there’s an example recipe using Vegetropolis organic veg. Great! Continue reading

Mean Green Juicer Machine for a Healthy Vegan Heath

I’ve recently got hold of a great masticating juicer machine and it’s been a blast using it. Juice drinking is healthy, there’s no question about that as long as it’s not out of a carton, which is not healthy. Pasteurised cartons of juice are little, if any, better than pop, soda or whatever you want to call it. Calories without benefits. Continue reading