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GM crops – coalition agenda ignores public opinion and current research

The normally hateful Daily Mail is right on it today, reporting that the current government are once more ignoring public opinion and pushing for the adoption of GM crops.

Controls on ‘Frankenstein Food’ crops should be slimmed down to clear the way for commercial cultivation, according to Britain’s science minister.

David Willetts, who has been heavily lobbied by GM campaigners and scientists funded by the GM industry, insists biotech crops could feed the world. Mr Willetts in the science department and the environment secretary, Owen Paterson, are pushing for EU controls on new GM crops and food to be relaxed

The agenda is clear although public opinion sits on the other side of the fence as

Official research by the Government’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) suggests shoppers actually want more information about GM and how it is getting on to dinner tables by stealth.

Currently, a large part of the meat, milk and eggs in stores comes from farm animals fed a GM diet, such as genetically modified soya and maize, however consumers are kept in the dark.

Ministers have ignored a recent FSA study which found that two in three people want any food derived from animals fed on GM to declare the fact on the label

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New EU Seed Law on Plant Reproductive Materials – what it means

Well, what a hectic fortnight. Everyone we know has been lobbying hard, and thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been emailing and writing about this, there were some important last-minute changes to the proposed EU seed law.

Considering the new EU seed laws
EU considering seed laws that affect us all

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Sneaking GM food into the UK’s food chain via the backdoor

Looks like there’s a serious attempt at sneaking GM food into Britain via the backdoor. And it has to be the backdoor, of course, because in the EU we still have GM labeling. There is still a large feeling against GM foods in the UK. This arose as a result of the findings of Dr Arpad Pusztai which indicated that rats fed on GM potatoes developed compromised immune systems. Hence the labelling laws. Incidentally, Dr Pusztai was removed from his position and his team disbanded, presumably because he got the wrong results!

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