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Frankenapple: Bad News No Matter How You Slice It

Thanks to the biotech industry’s relentless quest to control our food, McDonald’s, Burger King and even school cafeterias will soon be able to serve up apples that won’t turn brown when they’re sliced or bitten into. A new, almost entirely untested genetic modification technology, called RNA interference, or double strand RNA (dsRNA), is responsible for this new food miracle. Scientists warn that this genetic manipulation poses health risks, as the manipulated RNA gets into our digestive systems and bloodstreams. The biotech industry claims otherwise.

Of course, like any non-organic apple, the new GMO Arctic® Apple will be drenched in toxic pesticide residues, untested by the U.S. Food & Drug Association (FDA) and likely unlabeled. And of course these shiny new high-tech apples will be cheap, priced considerably lower than a pesticide-free, nutrient-dense, old-fashioned organic apple that turns a little brown after you slice it up. Continue reading

Why GMOs Can Never Be Safe

Mercola has done it again. Another beautiful article. This time he explains why GMOs are fundamentally wrong. The current simplistic approach to genetic engineering is just too simple to work without drastic unwanted consequences. Read on…

GMO joker

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho of the Institute for Science in Society… concluded that, by their very nature, there is no way GMOs (genetically modified organisms) can be safe.

The Greatest Danger of Genetic Modification

According to Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, genetic modification interferes fundamentally with the natural genetic modifications that organisms undergo in order to survive. Under natural circumstances, this is done in real time as “an exquisitely precise molecular dance of life.”

Genetic engineering, which assumes that one protein determines one particular trait, such as herbicide tolerance or insect resistance, and can easily be swapped out with another, with no other effects, is dangerously simplistic or, as Dr. Mae-Wan Ho says, “an illusion.” Continue reading

Roundup Resistance on Facebook providing evidence of the dangers of GMO food

The Roundup Resistance page on Facebook  is a mine of information concerning GMOs and the Monsanto monster. The name Roundup Resistance concerns the toxic  herbicide that Monsanto sell. The genetic modification process as far as Monsanto is concerned is aimed at making their GM crops Roundup resistant. The weeds die, the crops survive.

Survive, is the right word as a huge amount of the nutrients are removed by glyphosate. Glyphosate has a strong chelating effect, drawing the nutrients from the soil. Also traces of glyphosate are abosrbed by the crop. The result is substandard, poor quality crops. Even with just this in mind, it is clear to see that GM crops are not the answer to food security concerns.

Concerns about the toxicity of glyphosate is intrinsic to GM crops. Roundup contains additional toxic chemicals. GM crops can barely be called food.

For more on this check out the Independent post from last week. The video of Moms Across America is very revealing.

Roundup Resistance on Facebook

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GM crops – coalition agenda ignores public opinion and current research

The normally hateful Daily Mail is right on it today, reporting that the current government are once more ignoring public opinion and pushing for the adoption of GM crops.

Controls on ‘Frankenstein Food’ crops should be slimmed down to clear the way for commercial cultivation, according to Britain’s science minister.

David Willetts, who has been heavily lobbied by GM campaigners and scientists funded by the GM industry, insists biotech crops could feed the world. Mr Willetts in the science department and the environment secretary, Owen Paterson, are pushing for EU controls on new GM crops and food to be relaxed

The agenda is clear although public opinion sits on the other side of the fence as

Official research by the Government’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) suggests shoppers actually want more information about GM and how it is getting on to dinner tables by stealth.

Currently, a large part of the meat, milk and eggs in stores comes from farm animals fed a GM diet, such as genetically modified soya and maize, however consumers are kept in the dark.

Ministers have ignored a recent FSA study which found that two in three people want any food derived from animals fed on GM to declare the fact on the label

quotes from the Daily Mail online at Ease curbs on GM food, says Willetts: Science minister says crops could be used to feed the world Continue reading

Monsanto out of Europe!

No way, Monsanto out of Europe? So it seems…

”In Europe Monsanto only sells GM corn in three countries. GM corn represents less than 1% of the EU’s corn cultivation by land area. Field trials are only in progress in three countries. We will not spend any more money to convince people to plant them,”

states Brandon Mitchener, Public Affairs Lead for Monsanto in Europe and Middle East, in an interview with Investigative Reporting Denmark.

Monsanto out of Europe
Monsanto out of Europe – source politicalvelcraft.org

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