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Durian Rider banned from YouTube, without explanation! But now he’s back!

Durian Rider has been banned from YouTube! That’s grim, completely unfair and an example of censorship that we don’t want to see. Rob Tilling, of Moseley Vegans and Vegan Cyclists on Facebook, sent me a message about this and I feel compelled to write a post. There’s a petition on change org to sign, which might have an effect. Continue reading

Frosty Easter Fruit

As a result of the Veg Wars I mentioned on here a while back, I ended up with more mangoes than I could handle. So I decided I’d try to make some sorbet, on the hoof. I didn’t research it at all I just went ahead with my recipe. I peeled and pureed four large mangoes added juice of a lime and plenty of ginger (another abundant Veg War buy). Then froze it. This worked quite well although it’s not sweet enough, a little agave syrup would probably help. Continue reading

Planet Organic & Veg Wars!

Fruit & Veg Wars
Fruit & Veg Wars

I usually get all my vegan specific foods from Moseley. I use Indigo, the Health Food shop, who, very nicely, give you a loyalty card stamp for every fiver you spend, which eventually gives you a fiver off your shopping. That’s the norm, but the other day I was looking for a voucher advertised on the ‘MoneySavingExpert.com’ newsletter when I stumbled across another offer for the Organic website, Planet Organic. It’s not exclusively vegan or anything but there are a lot of vegan options which were sufficient to upend my loyalty! Continue reading