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Equality for vegans

Harriet Harman Equality BillIn the recent post on the Vegan Manifesto I mentioned I hadn’t heard that vegans rights were going to be considered a matter of equality so I had a little look. It seems that Harriet Harman is a fan of equality, which is nice.

Of course I’ve heard of her but I didn’t realise quite how ‘important’ she is. From her site

In 2007 Harriet was elected as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. She has since been appointed by the Prime Minister to serve as Chair of the Labour Party, Leader of the House of Commons, Secretary of State for Equalities, Minister for Women and Lord Privy Seal.

So perhaps it’s not so surprising she is into equality.  The proposed Equality Bill singles out vegans as meriting protection from religious discrimination. Continue reading

Vegan Manifesto – Equality

House of Commons

With the General Election due very soon, the Vegan Society have produced a manifesto of policies that they’d like ALL political parties to adopt. And very sensible they are too! The cynic/realist in me finds it unlikely they’ll be adopted in their entirety, but that’s no reason to not promote them. The full manifesto can be read at the link above but here’s two I’d like to discuss a little.

  • Work towards better vegan catering in hospitals, schools, care homes, prisons and other publically run places under the terms of the Equality Act. This includes ensuring that local government is procuring vegan food for these establishments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help food security and ensure healthy diets.
  • Ensure animal-free medication and food supplements including infant formula are available as required by the Equality Act.

I was unaware that the vegan lifestyle was included in the Equality Act. That it isn’t omitted is a great testament to the work of the Vegan Society and others  in publicising veganism. Logically, it follows that publicly run places should cater for Vegans, there is nothing radical in the implementation of these two policies,  it is merely a common sense extrapolation of the Equality Act. Continue reading