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Eating Out is so difficult as a vegan but NOT at the Bulls Head, Pratts Bottom

These days, being vegetarian is so run of the mill that it generally isn’t an issue. However,it can be difficult to eat out as a vegan if you’re in the middle of nowhere.  A major factor in this and a common gripe of mine since becoming vegan, is that Pubs lack imagination when it comes to vegetarian food. They seem to insist on smearing everything in dairy products of one kind or another.

It’s all pretty poor really, but there’s always a Wetherspoon! These and similar syndicate pubs often have a list of ingredients  allowing you to discover anything vegan friendly. The trouble with these places is that you have to put up with frozen meals, which could be stuffed with preservatives etc. And you’re supporting a large chain rather than the local. Not so good. Continue reading