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Raw Energy Chia Chocs inspired by Thrive

I’m a fan of Brendan Brazier and his Thrive sports recipes. Well, I do, at least like the idea. I made his sports drink for last year’s Birmingham Half Marathon, which was great. I also tried his sports gel, which is packed with raw energy for en route use. I have no idea how you’re supposed to consume the stuff once you’ve made it, unless you somehow force it into an old toothpaste tube. I made it but didn’t bring it to the event. I think it even got discarded completely.

So, for the recent Sutton Fun Run I decided to adapt the gel into something I could bring along. SO the following raw energy chia chocolate version was created. Sadly, I left them in the fridge. So they didn’t actually get an outing on the day. Practically, these are a bit soft to take with you in the summer. It might be different in the winter, however.

Raw energy chia chocs
Raw energy chia chocolate – Thrive inspired by Brendan Brazier
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