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Savoury energy bars: what a great idea, but are they any good?

We all love energy bars! They help to get us through a long day of training, to the end of that 100 mile bike ride or over the finish line of your next marathon. No?

On the other hand, perhaps you just love energy bars to get you through your hectic day. Or simply as a nice healthy snack. There’s loads of vegan energy bars available these days. Loads. I really like the Beond bars, although I’m not sure if they are more of a raw chocolate snack bar, rather than an energy bar..? They do make some more sporty ones, which are very nice. BUT… you do need to eat them with a drink. Dry, otherwise.

And come to think of it, do the fantastic Nakd bars, that I love, count as a snack rather than energy bar? However, they probably do provide a fair bit of energy, as well as the great taste. So they must count as an energy bar. Then the issue is, which is the best energy bar? Continue reading