Soya Milk Maker

I have just bought a soya milk maker and have been testing it out. I have to say the results are great, nice creamy soya milk, without the additives and at a fraction of the price, a winner all round! I bought my machine after reading a review of a few at after googling the subject.

Soya Milk Maker

The real draw to this particular machine from soyadirect was the lack of filter cup, meaning easy cleaning. A few years ago I was living with someone who bought us a similar soya milk maker machine, which was soon pushed to the back of the cupboard as cleaning was a major chore. The filter cup cleaning is like cleaning the filter/grater on a cheap crappy juicer, but only a more difficult job. I can’t remember which machine this was but the milk produced was not as nice as that my shiny new soya milk maker makes. I can’t figure out why this can be as the recipe is the same; dry soya beans and water. Perhaps my palate is now more suited to non-sweetened soy milk.

Observations on my new Soya Milk Maker

The instructions for making the milk are included in the review so I won’t bother with them here, rather I’ll make a few observations. The process is quick, around 20 minutes at a guess, the beauty is you weigh your beans while you boil a kettle and pour them into the jug, put the main body back on and forget about it until it beeps to let you know it’s finished.

I say forget about it, but the whole process is visible and quite fascinating, at least the first time. It all happens in a transparent kettle jug  thing! A big improvement on the the other soya milk maker, I have experience of, is the plastic holding tray. This is simply to store the machine gubbings when you remove the machine body from the transparent jug. It’s role is simply to store the soya milk making gubbings while you strain off the milk, but is just so convenient as there is nowhere else suitable to put the machine body in pretty much anyone’s kitchen, I’d guess.

I’ve been using 100g of soya beans and about 1.5 litres of water which produces a bit over a litre of milk. You can buy soya beans from the supplier at 75 pence for half a kilo, which seems very cheap to me and so works out at about 15p a litre of milk! I don’t understand the yield stats in the review but the finished product does need some serious straining. This afternoon I added a little agave syrup to a cupful of freshly made milk to replicate the hot soya milk that the lovely people at Cafe Soya make, and it was great. On a nasty cold winters day like today it takes me to the soup advert with the ‘hugging arms’. Lush!

Jade from soyadirect was helpful and quick to respond when I ordered, the soya milk maker arrived on time and the site has lots of recipes and ideas, so overall I’m well chuffed!

Soya Milk Maker Update

I have tried using the soya milk from the machine to make my own tofu! Oh yes, read about my efforts in the post about making tofu at home.

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  1. Hi, Just wondering would you still recommend the soya milk maker today. Many thanks Kiy

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