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Beet the System Tempeh, round two

The last post was all about the fab home produced tempeh from Beet the System, who will be at the cruelty free Xmas Fair in Kings Heath, next week! If you were paying attention you’ll be extremely excited and keen to find out how the marinated tempeh turned out. So here’s the next instalment of the tempeh odyssey.

Marinade reminder

marinated tempeh chunks

First a recap on the marinade for the tempeh. The eagled eyed will notice that I’ve added some rosemary, missing from the last post because I forgot about it. But it’s here so that’s the main thing.

  • juice of one fresh squeezed orange
  • juice of one lemon
  • big splash of soy sauce
  • big splash of tabasco
  • a little sea salt
  • teaspoon of turmeric
  • a little black pepper
  • two sprigs of fresh rosemary (from Aldi!)
tempeh in the pan
Tempeh in the pan

I put the diced tempeh back in the bag it came in and after mixing this lot up poured it in and let it stew for about six hours. I’m not uber-patient that’s just how long I was out and about. Probably one hour would be sufficient although I’m happy to stand corrected (Alex?). I took a bite of one of the chunks and it really is tangy, spicy and fantastic. No aftertaste! I think that is the key to this Beet the System tempeh. It tastes so fresh and isn’t flaky, which is sometimes the case with the Impulse stuff I usually have.

So I stir fried  the tempeh again. As it was draining I fried a single, long sweet pepper and then added the tempeh cubes and three mushrooms. When the mushies had softened I added the marinade to the veg and tempeh mixture and let it cook slowly for a few minutes. Eventually, I added the remainder of the cooked quinoa from earlier in the day along with a few almonds and heated it all up thoroughly. I probably wouldn’t bother with the almonds again, though :(

Serve immediately, is what the cookbooks say and I did. Nice and hot, spicy, tangy and no garlic! That’s a bit of a change for me, I always have garlic in my dinner, but this was lovely. The bigger chunks made this a more substantial meal and the simplicity of the flavours combined with the excellent tempeh meant I was a happy chappy.

Sitr fired tempeh with saurkraut
Sitr fired tempeh with saurkraut

I served this sitr fry with dehulled hemp and chia seeds sprinkled on top and with a good spoonful of saurkraut on the side. A bit more fermented food, which I do love!

This tempeh really is a bit special, I’ve not tasted any as good as this. I’m quite enthusiastic about it and Alex, Beet the System, is experimenting with other version of tempeh, fermenting beans other than soy and even trying seeds. This promises to be a fun time and healthy too as cultured, ferments really boost the nutritional value of foods. So good all round!

A great way to end the day and recooperate with the final episode of Sons of Anarchy. Yeah, brother!

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  1. Im not a great fan of commercially produced tempeh which always leaves an aftertaste so Im looking forward to giving this a go

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