Savoury energy bars: what a great idea, but are they any good?

We all love energy bars! They help to get us through a long day of training, to the end of that 100 mile bike ride or over the finish line of your next marathon. No?

On the other hand, perhaps you just love energy bars to get you through your hectic day. Or simply as a nice healthy snack. There’s loads of vegan energy bars available these days. Loads. I really like the Beond bars, although I’m not sure if they are more of a raw chocolate snack bar, rather than an energy bar..? They do make some more sporty ones, which are very nice. BUT… you do need to eat them with a drink. Dry, otherwise.

And come to think of it, do the fantastic Nakd bars, that I love, count as a snack rather than energy bar? However, they probably do provide a fair bit of energy, as well as the great taste. So they must count as an energy bar. Then the issue is, which is the best energy bar?

Energy bar,  sports drink or chia chocs?

What I am sure of is, I don’t want a sugary, glucose drink and I definitely ain’t getting some Red Bull style nonsense. I used to have isotonic drinks on long training days and they did help. But as I was told at the time, why run on sugar? These days I won’t. The raw Chia Chocs, that I recently made are great and these or a variation are my first port of call.

But they are all sweet. And I do know that you get sick of the sweetness if you’re munching on these and very little else. Fruit and nuts tend to be the main ingredients, with dates featuring heavily. The outcome is always sweet.

savoury energy bars
clockwise from the top – yellow, blue and red savoury energy bars

Savoury energy bars – a change is as good as…

In pursuit of the perfect energy bar, a friend has procured some prototype savoury energy bars. They were mentioned on the Vegan Cyclists FB page with some samples on offer. Daft not to volunteer.

Rob handed them over at the Birmingham Vegan Fair on the weekend. It was all a bit incognito, with each bar type being identified only by a coloured sticker. There were, red, green, yellow and blue varieties of savoury energy bars. We tried the green version there and then. Very nice, firm and with spinach, or it may have been kale or something. Whatever, definitely savoury and definitely very tasty.

The big question is, do they give you an energy boost? Well today, I gave them a try, I ate three, a yellow (curry flavour), red (peppers in this one) and blue (does this contain spirulina?). Once again they are all very tasty. There’s a bit of spice, some turmeric in the yellow one and a little heat too. I skipped dinner to eat these with plenty of lemon water before going out for a run in the heat. It was only about 4 miles, but it was hot and there was a big hill.

How much energy in a savoury bar?

Well, no scientific breakdown. I’m afraid. Considering I didn’t eat any dinner, though, I was not washed out after the run. Furthermore I wasn’t hungry until four or five hours later! That’s pretty impressive. These savoury energy bars certainly provide an energy boost then!

I now know that my favourite one is the curry flavoured bar with the spinach one next. Although the others are more than acceptable, I’d happily use these on a regular basis. What I found very good is the illusion of having eaten a meal. They taste like a meal but in bar form! They hold together well, not crumbly, and I could really see myself using these.

There really isn’t much, if anything, in the way of savoury energy bars available. That’s irrespective of the vegan factor. These are very promising I’m giving them a big thumbs up and four point five stars! LUSH. Sadly not in the shops, yet…!

2 thoughts on “Savoury energy bars: what a great idea, but are they any good?”

  1. Brilliant to hear you approve! I ate 6 of these last Friday on a 160 mile bicycle ride – the ones I ate were a bit thicker than yours, but, still, I also felt satisfied and I only had a couple of bananas, 2 small pieces of cake and half a sandwich with them. This really didn’t seem like a lot of eating for a 9h 15 min bike ride, so, I give a thumbs up too. Interesting that you couldn’t identify all of the flavours – the green was seaweed, blue is ORIGINAL with not even a trace of spirulina, red was tomato (nice try with peppers though) and, indeed, yellow was curry. My running order is…spinach, curry, tomato and then original.

  2. I got the curry right…. I only said spirulina cos it was the only blue I could think of – I’m sure ORIGINAL is cheating…
    But, that’s not a lot to eat over 9 hours Rob, regardless of the cycling! Jeez. I think there’s some mileage in these. Do we get a recipe?

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