Raw Christmas Hampers

After talking to Deb Durrant of Deliciously Raw at Vegfest a few months ago I thought raw Christmas hampers would be a great idea. So I ordered a few. Great presents, even for meat-eaters.

She’d shown me photos from a recent cooking course she’d ran. Well it’s not cooking as such, obviously, but a course on how to make spectacular raw food recipes. It was the photos of the raw vegan cheese that got me. They looked amazing. I’ve pinched the pics I saw from her blog of the Feast course.

Deliciously Raw cheese

Vegan Cheese is not the same

I’ve tried several vegan versions of dairy cheese over the years and it’s not that good. The best stuff is smoked, which is quite nice for an occasional treat. I’m sure it’s a bit too processed for me really, but the occasional packet is fine. It’s quite good with toms.

I do remember being very disappointed with the melting stuff when it came out. It does melt after a fashion but is nowhere near as tasty as I remembered. I was very disappointed.

However, earlier in the year I did get quite excited about Vegusto Cheese. This is the best one I’ve had and it’s won prizes! It is very tasty.

Raw fermented macadamia cheese… a bit special

However, the thought of a cheesy raw Christmas hamper was very tempting given the pictures. So I got one for myself and others as presents.

Cheesy raw Christmas hamper

I love this raw vegan cheese treat. I tried following two versions

  • Fermented macadamia tree nut cheese flavoured with sun dried tomatoes and olives
  • Fermented macadamia tree nut cheese flavoured with apricots and vanilla

I don’t know if I have a favourite. To me they are both amazing. When the ingredients are of such high quality you’re really onto a winner. The cheese comes with Mediterranean flax crackers which are dehydrated crackers.  These were great too.

The texture is more of a cream cheese but a bit firmer than Philadelphia style stuff. They are great and very flavoursome.

Raw Cheese on dehydrated crackers
Cheesy Raw Christmas Hampers

I was very interested to see what non-vegans would make of them. Veteran cheese eaters gave a mixed reaction, although generally favourable. A couple of people really liked these cheese. So that’s good.

For me as a vegan who has been dissatisfied with vegan version of cheese I was well impressed. Serious gourmet food here, great on the crackers, on other crackers and bread too. More like soft French cheese than cheddar.

There were also a Chocolate decadence raw Christmas hampers

Well not everyone likes cheese… So, yes I got two people chocolate raw Christmas hampers instead. These consisted of the following

  • Deep chocolaty toned raw dehydrated chocolate, nut and raisin biscotti dipped in dark chocolate
  • 12 decadent dark chocolate raw Florentines with raisins, goji berries, nuts and oranges sweetened with agave gift wrapped in a gold ballotine box

These were presents. So I only tasted one of each. Amazing. I do find that raw food has flavours that hit you in waves. This is particularly so with biscuits that have been dehydrated. And the chocolates, of course.

It sounds a bit poncey, like some wine buffoonery, but the flavours change as you eat this stuff. The Florentines were gorgeous, but the biscotti were my fave. The raw chocolate biscuit was simply stunning.

Raw Chocolate Biscotti
Biscotti from the chocolate decadence raw Christmas Hamper

Any drawbacks with these raw Christmas hampers?

Well not really. Just the usual stuff, cheese needs to go in the fridge as does the raw chocolate. But it tastes amazing so there’s not a lot to complain about.

These raw Christmas hampers were not cheap but the quality is fantastic. You can’t buy this stuff in the shops! However, Deb is starting up a delivery service so you could look out for that!

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