Planet Organic & Veg Wars!

Fruit & Veg Wars
Fruit & Veg Wars

I usually get all my vegan specific foods from Moseley. I use Indigo, the Health Food shop, who, very nicely, give you a loyalty card stamp for every fiver you spend, which eventually gives you a fiver off your shopping. That’s the norm, but the other day I was looking for a voucher advertised on the ‘’ newsletter when I stumbled across another offer for the Organic website, Planet Organic. It’s not exclusively vegan or anything but there are a lot of vegan options which were sufficient to upend my loyalty!

The offer is 15% off all purchases before April 10th and if you spend over £30 shipping is free, £4.95 otherwise. So I stocked up! There are a few good deals and as I was stocking up I took advantage of some ‘2 for £2′ pasta deals. Wholewheat pasta and alternatives are stupidly priced in comparison to the processed versions, it really gets on my nerves having to spend so much on the healthy variety, so I enjoyed these offers.

In all, I spent something like £31.03, £8.61 off, and received a huge parcel two days later. Very efficient! The site is pretty good to use, there are loads of filter options including a vegan one. This helps you wade through all the groceries efficiently.

More cheap fruit
How much for a quid?

Always on the lookout for cheaper food sources I’ve found another local option. We’re lucky to have Lidl veg reductions on our doorstep in Balsall Heath, but two local shops have entered into a Veg War. Just past Lidl on either side of the Moseley Road, the two ‘corner’ shops are trying to outdo each other on the fruit and veg. You can get a bowl for a pound. That is anything from apples, banana’s and mangoes to chillies, ginger, garlic and onions. A bowl for a pound!

It’s just fantastic, I got five large mangoes last week, for a pound! While the amount of ginger I bought will last me several months, I’ve frozen most of it, and will simply grate the amount I need straight from the freezer. It’s not such good value for potatoes and onions, but then we have Lidl next door! It’s great!

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