Spurious arguments against nuisance vegans

I’ve been vegan now for 19 years just about. The following image was attached to a tweet. It contains probably the dumbest argument against being vegan I’ve come across in all that time. For a start it doesn’t make sense.

Argument against nuisance vegans

Ok so it’s clearly a comedienne here, trying to be funny, but please try harder. I suppose she’s just trying to be outrageous (racist) to get a few laughs but it’s crap. It did get me thinking about some of the spurious arguments against vegans I’ve heard over the years. So here’s a selection, in no particular order. And I’ve provided some responses to these too. It may be useful to someone. Continue reading

Kitchen Scraps You Can Regrow with Nothing But Water

Came across this article and if it works, it’s great!

Since they’re cheap and come in bulk, we tend to waste a lot of vegetables and herbs in the kitchen. If you’d prefer to cut down on that a bit, a few kitchen staples are dead simple to regrow and don’t need a full blown garden. In fact, these ones don’t even require dirt. Continue reading

ImmiFlex immunity booster is suitable for vegans…

The other day it was suggested I try ImmiFlex tablets to boost immunity. I’ve been ill for over a week with a nasty cold, lots of coughing, snot and feeling unwell. It’s never fun, always inconvenient and should be avoidable. So perhaps ImmiFlex could avoid any further episodes this winter?

Of course the first question is, as always, is it vegan?  Time to work my way down the Google search results to find out, then. So off to the ImmiFlex website. And it’s not easy to find out. Did a website internal search and there’s no confirmation.  I do, now, know it comes from Norway. Continue reading

How to store your fruit and veg!

Over on Live Love Fruit blog there’s a great post on how to keep your fruit and veg to avoid waste. Obviously that’s what we’re all after


Lengthen shelf life

Putting fruit and vegetables in cooler areas (like the fridge) slows down the respiration process and helps make (most) produce last longer. In warmer temperatures, produce respires at a much faster rate, making the ripening process much faster. Continue reading

Enpee Masticating Juicer

I’m a juicing fan. The only drawback is the cost of juicers, this Enpee Masticating Juicer might be the answer… Sure you can get a cheap centrifugal juicer but I’d always recommend going the extra mile and investing in a slow juicer. I personally, have a vertical juicer. But you can read about the vertical vs horizontal debate in this post.

Lauren's Enpee Masticating Juicer
Lauren’s Enpee Masticating Juicer

Continue reading

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