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Coconut quotes about coconut goodness!

I’m a bit obsessed about coconuts, particularly the health benefits of raw, virgin coconut oil. This post has lots of coconut quotes, portraying the virtues of this wonderful superfood. Coconut has had a bad rap, for nefarious reasons, but there are plenty of people in the world whose whole existence relies on coconuts.

Of course there is also the coconut revolution

That little documentary will make you cheer. But if you’re in need of more cheering up check out the following coconut quotes, they’re ace! Continue reading

Neonicotinoid pesticides banned, bees saved, phew! But why?

A few days ago the EU decided to ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. This is great news for bees, populations of which have been declining over the last decade or so. Our glorious government was against the ban, they seemingly don’t care about bees and their unlikely green agenda is no more.

Protesting for an EU neonicotinoid pesticides ban
source: Independent

Of course, declining bee numbers in the UK has serious implications as they play a vital ecological role – pollination. If we run out of bees, we will end up with less indigenous plants, it’s fairly straightforward. So why were the government against the ban? Continue reading

Virgin coconut oil, raw and organic please!

In a very recent post I waffled on about coconut oil after I’d read a post from the wonderful Rich Roll warning us to only consume coconut oil sparingly. However, is this advice relevant if you consume virgin coconut oil?

virgin coconut oilAs a fan of organic, raw, virgin coconut oil – rather than a nasty hydrogenated version –  I was alarmed to read Rich Roll’s post based on a video from Dr Greger. I discussed this in the previous post but wanted to try to get to the bottom of the issue as Bruce Fife’s book Coconut Cures tells a very different story. Continue reading

How to make Tofu from scratch!

I’d always wondered how to make tofu from scratch and have had a soya milk maker for yonks with the idea to use it to provide the milk for homemade tofu. When I bought the machine the supplier didn’t have a tofu press in stock. I eventually ordered one from a different site last week after a discussion on the Moseley Vegans Facebook page brought it back to mind. It arrived this morning along with lots of coagulant.

How to make Tofu with home made soya milk!

The idea is to take fresh soya milk, add the coagulant so it turns into curds and whey. Then simply press this to remove liquid and to be left with a lump of tofu. Easy peasy! I don’t really use soya milk these days, I just stopped using it. So I had to dig out the soya milk maker and of course the instructions were missing. Luckily the original post had a link to a review with instructions and so I was able to operate the machine.

That may sound a bit daft but the operation of the soya milk maker is not very intuitive as it’s made in China and there’s some quaint cultural oddness about it! But once you know, or are reminded, it’s pretty straightforward to use. So you stick some soya beans in, organic are best,  add water and set it off. Done in twenty minutes or something.

No soya milk maker? Just take the soya beans and blend them in water, then cook the milk for a while. Watch the video below for more detailed instructions, however, it’s not really much more to it than that.

Continue reading

Superfood Broth! Turmeric and sprouted seeds – delicious…

I like superfood! It’s not just the name, it’s the fact that superfood is rammed with good guys – phytochemicals, probiotics and so much more! This simple home made recipe is inspired by Rich Roll, whose superfood recommendations I take seriously. Well not too seriously but I do want to incorporate these into my daily eating. This bloke is an Ultra Running phenomenon – he managed to complete 5 Ironman-distance triathlons on 5 separate Hawaiian Islands in less than a single week! Of course, that’s way more than just running but it’s mighty impressive. Continue reading